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Top five beaches to spend summer vacations

I believe the first utterance that crosses all of your minds when the summer strikes are the word “summer vacation.”  We all get excited when it comes to spending quality time with our loved and dear ones because these are rare days when we get off our busy schedules and turn our free times into unforgettable eternal memories. And the most exciting and fun part about this is deciding on what will be the next summer holiday destination you will be spending your summers at that will make your trip the promising time of your lives.

Summers are the time to live through the sunniest and liveliest phase of the year and have an epic experience with your family and, most importantly, your better half. Often we get so huddled up in our lives that we barely get a chance to take a breath, and vacation looks like a burden that would pile up this whole log of work on our heads, but we know we need it. 

Today we have fetched you all the exhilarating options available to take a break this summer in one of these adventurous summer holidays at beach destinations, from glorious resorts to budget for everything; it’s all handy. 

All you have to do is start by glancing at what we have got for you and choose what is going to be your next expedition, replenish it with enthusiasm as well as see which one should be your traveling home this summer. 

There you go, scrolling and debating on enacting a summer break plan to make it one of the best summers with your folks. I’m sure you must be planning to go on an international trip outside India with some of the most fantastic beach destinations. Clasp your seatbelts; we are going on a breathtakingly heavenly ride to the list of some mind-blowing places that can be your perfect go-to place this summer.

Let’s outset with :

  • Sardinia, Italy

Sardinia will never be a second priority when it comes to being the number one preference in beach destinations, and who would miss a sunny trip to Italy? Surely not you! It is often said and caught sight that Sardinia has the clearest water on the Europe continent. You could feel the same way if you travel to the glorious islands of Archipelago Della Maddalena. Reckon, you want to go surfing and sailing this summer season and peeking at some beautiful beach destinations in Europe; Sardinia is the place meant for you with its crystal clear water body. 

I would totally drop anything to be her; what about you?

You can preferably stretch your trip to seven to eight days to make it unforgettable as well as eternal one and take back your suitcases full of nostalgic memories. 

Scan it out right away, and don’t be delayed! 

  • Santa Teresa, Costa Rica

What time is it, guys? 

I believe it’s time to fall in love with Santa Teresa and give it a  surprise visit. The tete-a-tete is the chilling and plopped aura of this affectionate town with the days full of surfing waves that have become my uncompetitive favorite place. 

Pro tip: Santa Teresa has the most extraordinary and unbelievable sunsets ever; you better not go to the beach empty-handed; pick a beer or sip a mojito and make it count. 

Plus, if you still have time and mood in your hand and aren’t satisfied yet, duh! You can make a round trip for a day to the nearest Isla Tortuga, with clearer water and loads and loads of fishes you can possibly snorkel with, and have the time of your life with the folks. 

I am confident that most of us have our closest and best memories around or at the beaches; why not live them again and add some more to the diary? 

  • The Algarve, Portugal

The entire region revolving around Portugal is the widest when we look at places to spend our valuable summers. Still, if there’s a place with the undeniably best summer beach destination, it is the Algarve region.  

It has some of the most glamorous beaches of all time that you’ll ever get to see. Algarve has some of the most iconic aurae and beaches such as Praia Do Camilo, Praia De Dona Ana, and Praia da Marinha as, well as the Coastline of Algarve, as no one can forget, is famous for its soft sand beaches, turquoise water, lustrous cliffs and so much more. 

The Algarve gives you memories of its own; you form a connection to this place that makes you feel you never thought was possible. You can stretch your stay for about five days if you really wish to feel this place enough and consume the aura it has, as well as the hidden charming sea caves such as the Benagil Cave! 

To know Portugal closely, get down there, find a lovely cozy place to stay, rent out vehicles and make a trip to the coasts; you will realize what you were missing all along. 

  • Bondi Beach, Sydney, Australia

Sydney has a vibe no other place could match, and when it comes to beaches to spend summer in Sydney, don’t you dare say no! 

Three days and you get the summers of your life with the picture of Bondi beach, tiny surfer towns, huge cafes, local shops, longing streets, and beautiful mornings! 

But the information that you all need to keep in your minds and never skip is that when there are summers in Europe, it’s winters in Australia, as paying a stop during Australian Summers! 

  • Weligama, Sri Lanka

Weligama may not have the clearest water when you compare the given and some more beach destinations to spend your summers, but it still has a place close to my heart. 

Weligama’s super chill vibe and restaurants make this play way more special and, of course, surf kiosks to not forget. In addition, in the nearest town Mirissa from the beach, you can spend some more time with the turtles and decide if you want to stay longer.  

The summer mentioned above beach destinations are not just aesthetically pleasing but are distinct from each other and perfect for your bunch to make special recollections. 

Start scanning and planning! 


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