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The Most Beautiful Places to Visit in Ireland

If you’re looking to visit Ireland, you might be wondering which spots are the most beautiful and worthy of your time. Here’s a list of ten of the most beautiful places to visit in Ireland, as ranked by TripAdvisor users, that are definitely worth considering adding to your itinerary if you’re visiting this amazing country any time soon!

1) Ring of Kerry

The Ring of Kerry is a 133km long scenic drive with jaw-dropping views around every corner. The drive begins at Kenmare and travels along most of the coastline before heading inland towards Killarney National Park and finishing back in Kenmare. The Ring is made up of some of the most spectacular scenic routes you’ll find anywhere in Europe.

2) Glendalough, Wicklow Mountains

Glendalough is one of the oldest and most sacred sites in Ireland. Its 11th-century monastic settlement was home to a community of Christian monks whose work on books, metalwork, and stone crosses inspired generations.
Walking through Glendalough’s stone buildings, it’s hard not to feel like you’ve been transported back in time. The stonework is some of the finest and most detailed that you’ll find anywhere.

3) Burren National Park

Burren National Park is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, located on a large limestone plateau with beautiful coastal and mountain views. Home to unique and diverse wildlife, the park has long been popular with photographers due to its striking landscape and unusual rock formations that appear like giant beehives. The region is also home to numerous small lakes, often housing schools of freshwater fish which attract large numbers of bird species from all over Europe. This area also lends itself to an excellent outdoor location for outdoor sports such as caving, canoeing, mountain biking, and surfing.

4) Antrim Coast

Hitting a beach is one of the first things that people usually do when they go on vacation. So it’s not all that surprising that Antrim Coast beach makes many visitors’ must-visit list. If you’re going to be visiting, then make sure you explore this coastline while you’re there. But even if this is not on your itinerary, it’s worth a stop on your way through, especially if it’s a foggy day.

5) Donegal

Located in northwest County Donegal, picturesque Ballyshannon is a prime example of Irish beauty and hospitality. Set on Lough Eske’s tranquil shores, this enchanting town is perfect for hikers, cyclists, and lovers of the great outdoors. You’ll find Donegal made with its rich Celtic heritage, evocative beauty, and friendly locals that will make you feel right at home.

6) Dingle Peninsula

Dingle is a popular seaside town. It’s also one of the most beautiful places in Ireland, and it’s even more spectacular at night when you can catch a glimpse of its starry sky. The steep cliffs are home to an amazing oceanic garden that houses over 4,000 different species. This stunning location has been known as home for years by naturalists like Mary Robinson, David Dennison, Roger Tory Peterson, and Dr.

7) Aran Islands

Aran Islands is one of the most beautiful places on Earth. This three-island archipelago lies just off the coast of Galway Bay, occupying its own kingdom but not much more than that. The three islands are all named Inishmore, Inishmaan, and Inisheer, and they’re made up ground for ghost tours as much as they are travel destinations.

8) Wexford Town and Environs

Famous for its trademark architecture and black and white houses, Wexford Town retains an old-world charm. Standing on High Street looking up at the well-preserved Wexford Castle which dominates the skyline, visitors can imagine themselves back centuries ago.

Just 20 minutes drive southeast lies Kilmore Quay, home to one of Ireland’s best beaches. Blue Flag award-winning Kilmore Quay is a sand and shingle beach. The wide expanse of sand hosts sunbathers throughout the day, while surfers brave the waves during high tide. A few kilometers away is Hook Head Lighthouse, completed in 1808 after many years of construction work. The oldest operating lighthouse in Ireland, it’s positioned at the point where the Irish Sea meets St George’s Channel and commands magnificent views over both bodies of water.

9) Connemara

The landscape here is breathtaking, but with its villages, historic buildings, and serene lakes, it’s also a fascinating place to visit. Connemara can be found on the west coast of Ireland and is steeped in history as well as natural beauty. The perfect spot for anyone who wants to explore a new corner of this beautiful country!

Lough Inagh and Lough Corrib are also popular spots for tourists as they feature a range of accommodation options. These two lakes are connected by an inland waterway, making them some of the most scenic places in all of Ireland.
One thing that makes these locations so special is their relatively untouched state; much of the land has been left alone, meaning that there’s lots of room for wildlife and plenty to do for outdoor enthusiasts. There are tours available that allow visitors to explore both lakes up close. One thing you won’t want to miss while visiting these picturesque locations? Freshly baked bread from one of the local bakeries!

10) Dublin City & Environs

Dublin is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe, having been ranked number 2 on Tripadvisor’s Top 10 Cities In The World list (and number 1 for Business Travelers). People love Dublin because it is a progressive city. This historic capital has plenty to offer when it comes to entertainment, culture, and hospitality.

Dublin has a number of family attractions including Phoenix Park and Dublin Zoo, as well as cultural landmarks such as The Book Of Kells, Dublin Castle, and Christ Church Cathedral. Over a million people flock here each year for festivals like St Patrick’s Day and Electric Picnic. There is always something to do in Dublin City.
Galway City & Environs: Visitors usually come for just one day because there’s so much to see!


These are just 10 of the most beautiful places to visit in Ireland, but there are so many more. The world is waiting for you! Don’t get stuck indoors; you’ll miss out on some real treasure.
We hope this list has been helpful, please feel free to reach out with any comments or questions!

Good luck and have fun!

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