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Most Favourable Seasons For Trekking

Do you think walking can be fun? Like walking to multiple places, sounds very simple right? But let me tell you walking can be adventurous too. And yes you are guessing it right I am talking about Trekking. As we know, the adventurous sports culture is getting very popular among teenagers and youngsters who want to do something adventurous and fun with their friends. And the concept of trekking is so adventurous that it literally gives you chills whenever you think about it. There are so many people going trekking with their group. Now you all must be thinking that yes, we actually do make a plan for some adventures like that in our life. And trekking is very different from hiking. Wherever you go for a hike, you do it overnight or the maximum time you take to complete a hike is one day but trekking is different from hiking. Whenever someone goes trekking, they do it for more than one day and it is way more exhausting and time-consuming than hiking. People love trekking at high altitudes because they are more adventurous and riskier too. There are so many people joining this Trekking culture at the present time and it is getting so much popular among the youngsters and fitness conscious population. Youngsters, adventurers and health junkies want something adventurous and fun to do and what else can be better than trekking to do that? People spend thousands of rupees on trekking and going to hill stations. Whenever people make plans for a vacation the first thing that comes to their mind is going to a hill station. Hill stations like the Himalayas and other mountains of Jammu and Kashmir and Nepal are very popular for trekking. Trekking is fun but it can also be very dangerous if you don’t keep the safety majors in your mind. So before going on a trip I would like to suggest you do your homework and take proper measures before making any plans. There are a lot of safety measures that you should keep in mind before making a plan for your vacation. You should check out the weather of that certain place you’re going to before trekking. Also, you should bring all the trekking equipment with you and proper supplies of food and everything. Since a lot of accidents are due to this ignorance of safety measures. So, you better check everything before going trekking so nothing goes wrong with your trip. And weather plays a major role in trekking because people face a lot of trouble only because of the weather. Like if there is heavy rain you should avoid going on a trek in a hilly area because it can be very risky and dangerous. So before going on the trek you should check the weather and everything. The most favorable seasons for trekking can be:

December to January

Winter has to be one of the best seasons for trekking with your family and friends. Because the sky is more clear in the winter and it really matters in mountains because you don’t want to climb the mountain with a lot of fog. That’s why winters are considered to be the most favorable weather to climb a mountain. But it doesn’t mean that it makes climbing any easier because you are going to face other different problems other than weather. You are going to face a lot of health problems because of the high altitude and extremely cold environment. So if you are going to climb a mountain in the season of winters I would like to suggest you keep all the safety majors in mind and all the necessary stuff with you. Don’t forget to bring camping equipment and other safety measures. And don’t forget to bring your sleeping bags because you are going to spend two or three nights trekking and you don’t want to die because of extreme cold circumstances.


May is considered one of the most favorable months to climb the Himalayas. The weather is clean and everything is nice in the month of May in the Himalayas so you can go trekking easily.

It is also considered a favorable month for climbing because the winds are low in the month of May. So, if you are going to trek in the Himalayas, I would like to suggest you go there in the month of May because it is the best time for trekking. It is the best weather for you if you want to experience a tremendous mountain look and everything looks very pretty in the month of May in the Himalayas so you should definitely go there. It is also the peak month for that trekking because the school vacations and high demand for vacations make it more expensive for you but all of it is worth it when you will experience trekking by yourself. So, if you are going on vacation in the Himalayas I would like to suggest you prefer May as the best month for it. And also, don’t forget to keep all the safety measures like sleeping, flashlight, and first aid kit with yourself. Also, don’t forget to pack the food supplies in your backpack. And also, a career tourist backpack with yourself to store everything in one place.

Lastly, vacations are important for you and it is one of the most fun parts of our life when we go outside and enjoy every second of it with our family. So, if you are making a plan for the trip I would like to suggest you go somewhere in the hill station because nothing can be as beautiful as the mountains. The serenity of mountains is something that hits you hard. But also keep all the safety images in your mind. And also, the weather because it is something which plays a major role in your whole trip. So, if you are going on a trip, stay safe and have a beautiful journey.

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