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6 facts you didn’t know about Portugal

Portugal is a beautiful country, with many tourist attractions, that attract people from around the world to the country during the holiday season as well as during the other commercial seasons. The government is said to be extremely busy with continuous festivities that keep happening throughout the year. The significant sights in Portugal would be its breathtaking natural views, beaches that would help you soak in the sun with your best swimsuit, and the climate that is extremely moderate and pleasant. People have reviewed the country as a place that has in store something unique to everyone that visits it. The government is known for its beautiful Algarve coast that is entitled to being sun-drenched, the ever-shining capital Lisbon and the amazing islands of Azores. Portugal is called a city of vibrant culture and lively cities with countryside that fascinated everyone. Years of stress would be wiped out when you visit this place, as would the sense of tension. However, there are a few things most people don’t know about the country, and a few of those unknown facts about Portugal are going to be included in the later part of the blog. Below are 6 facts that nobody knew about Portugal, and would help you gain a better insight into the place.


  1. Longest Bridge in the whole of Europe

Which country do you think has the longest bridge in all of Europe? It is none other than Portugal. The Vasco da Gama bridge which is situated in the city of Lisbon is recorded to be one of the longest bridges in Europe. The bridge was opened in the city of Lisbon in the year of 1998, and the length of the bridge was said to be around 10.7 miles. The bridge spans and covers the river Parque das Nacoes. It holds about 6 road lanes, where vehicles run at a speed of 120km/h except for one section, where vehicles run at a speed of 100km/h. Being here would give you a sense of comfort, and always add a bag full of good memories when you look back.


2. The oldest city in Western Europe is Portugal

Yes, the oldest city in Western Europe is Lisbon which is situated in Portugal. Lisbon predated the cities like London, Paris, and Rome with a difference of centuries. The city is known for its lively neighborhoods, small and narrow streets, people riding trams, and some amazing views of the coast. If you are visiting Portugal, you should pay a visit to this beautiful city which has so much to offer yet so much left to be discovered. 


3. World’s largest producer of cork- Portugal

Cork is the holder at the top of all wine and champagne bottles which is ceremonially knocked off at big events. The country delivers the most amount of cork to the World. Portugal produces an estimated amount of about 100,000 Tonnes of cork every year and imports it all around the World. These corks are also useful for other purposes such as using in the making of badminton shuttlecocks, they are also used effectively in providing thermal insulation to the houses. Apart from these listed uses of corks, there are many other usages of these corks in many different things.


4. Port wine originated in Portugal

The famous Port wine that is being drunk all over the world, which tastes like a sweet delicacy in your mouth, is the creation of Portugal itself. This wine came to life in the Douro Valley of Northern Portugal. The wine is ideally served with a dessert and comes in several varieties such as dry, semi-dry, and white as well. The wine is made from the fermentation of port which means grapes, in this fermenting wine a neutral grape spirit is added to give it its required taste. 


5. Consumer of the most fish and shellfish

Being alongside the coast it is natural for the people of Portugal to be fond of seafood. The seafood dishes made and served are found to be Savoury and different in taste as compared to the seafood served in the rest of the World. Their best seller still has dishes made with fish and shellfish. People in Portugal are fond of fish skin, the most famous restaurant in the country for seafood is Ramiro, which specializes in serving appetizing giant tiger prawns, lobsters, and crabs as well that are reviewed to be out of this world.


6. Portugal opened the World’s first bookstore

If you are searching for the oldest bookstore, your search comes to rest now, it is in Portugal. The bookstore is called Bertrand Bookstore and was the first-ever bookstore in the history of the World. The bookstore is situated at the heart of the city of Lisbon, the capital of Portugal. The bookstore opened almost in the year 1732 which would make it about 290 years old as of today. The exterior of this cute little bookstore is covered with colorful mosaic tiles, which gives the bookstore an old and aesthetic touch.


These facts along with a lot more make Portugal an extraordinary country in Europe, these small details about the country are hard to notice at first, but can never be ignored. The blog focused on 6 such facts about the country which might sound very common but are not so common at last. Portugal is the country of dreams with its beautiful Cottage core aesthetics that make the country look old yet lively. If you ever visit Portugal, try to find some of the more amazing facts about the country that are hidden from the rest of the world. The details mentioned in the blog are all verified and updated according to time. Portugal with all its beautiful cities that crowd the country has become one of the most visited tourist places in the world. The country has so much to offer to everyone, it not only has breathtaking views and beaches, but it also has some amazing and fun festivities and carnivals that attract tourist attractions to the country.

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