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Best Christmas Parties In London

The perfect turkey taste mulled wine, and boughs of holly at every turn—Christmas is fun when a few fresh ideas are thrown into the mix. These party venues have it all, from bauble juggling to acrobats and dancers to Mariah Carey-EsqueY drag queens. So, if you’re looking for a festive holiday celebration that stands out from the rest, check out the below-listed festive party venues that offer something very different and special this holiday season. We’ve put together a list of bars and restaurants in the city that can give you an unforgettable experience and help you break away from the usual holiday routine.

No doubt, London is full of party venues and festive restaurants. All of those party venues—clubs and bars—provide essentially the same services. If you want to spice up your Christmas party with something unique, adventurous, and exciting, you should be aware of London’s hidden party venues. There are also some sophisticated private high-bar restaurants and palaces that you can book for Christmas.



Well, howdy, partner! Go all out with a Wild West theme at this fabulous pop-up location in East London, where you can celebrate your quirky Christmas party to its final extreme. There’s something for everyone at this Wild West pop-up. Get your bubble ready, because the Moonshine Saloon is going to give you everything you could want.

Location: Liverpool Street, East London


This two-story venue from the Proud Group offers one of the most exciting and thrilling party atmospheres in the city, creating an unforgettable night out for party-goers. It was designed to provide a luxurious and exclusive clubbing experience, with a range of VIP packages available as well as DJs, music, and performances—experience decadence and debauchery. You can go there for dinner and a show, and then you can also stick around to dance until the wee hours of the morning. The venue has become known as a hotspot for stylish revelers, offering an upmarket and opulent experience that’s sure to make the night one you’ll never forget.

Location: Embankment, Westminster


This Christmas, go to the Korean Dinner Party (KDP) in Soho if you’re looking for a celebration that’s a little bit different from the norm. At the KDP, you can enjoy delicious Korean food in a festive and fun atmosphere. This one-of-a-kind venue, which takes its cues from Koreatown, offers a menu that is sure to please. The dinner party features a wide selection of traditional Korean cuisines such as Bibimbap, Bulgogi, Kimchi, and Jjajangmyeon. events featuring bottomless brunch, buckets of fried chicken, and themed cocktails served up to guests.

Location: Soho


The Big London Bake Off is one of the best places to have a good time in London. There, you can enjoy a wide variety of tasty treats and do a lot of fun things. It is just the place for a quirky Christmas party that is sure to please both young and old. Gather your wits and get ready to do battle to determine who the true master baker is, as it’s time to dust off the rolling pin and whip up some treats for the family; there is never a shortage of delicious treats to go around. The Big London Bake Off provides a unique and unforgettable experience that will leave lasting memories


This Christmas, the infamous immersive bar Alcotraz in London will make you feel as though you are spending time behind bars. At Alcatraz, people can try out different kinds of drinks and snacks while being surrounded by a real prison. You won’t have to worry about your outfit because everyone will be clambering into some fetching orange jumpsuits for the occasion. You will be given a carefully made cocktail to make the experience even more real. With the perfect backdrop for a suitably kooky festive do, you won’t have to worry about a suitably kooky festive do.

Location: Brick Lane


Swingers are in the City and the West End, so it’s a great place to get out of the cold during the winter. It has cutting-edge minigolf, top-notch cocktails, and street food made by some of London’s most famous vendors. Swingers provide a one-of-a-kind experience that is both entertaining and satisfying. It doesn’t matter if you’re there for a team night or a party with your friends; you won’t be disappointed. With an art deco interior and relaxed atmosphere, it offers something for everyone. It will provide an opportunity to escape the winter gloom and let loose in its unique atmosphere.

Location: West End, Central London


Why go to just any old regular holiday get-together when you can choose from the epic selection at Like It Loves It Events? Step inside some of the most well-liked venues in the city, where live DJs will be playing music from the 1990s or ABBA while you watch tribute acts perform on stage. Not only will you be able to dance to the music, but you can also sing along. And if you’re feeling particularly brave, you can even join in the performances! With an extensive range of food and drinks available, there’s something for everyone at the Like It Loves It events.


Shuffling isn’t just for the summer, guys. Do yourself a favor and book your Christmas party at this Shoreditch hangout before it’s too late. One of the most interesting places to hold a party for the holiday season this year, this party venue is one of the best in terms of the variety of offerings, food, and alcoholic beverages. Its menu has a range of festive dishes that offer something for everyone, and the venue also provides a selection of cocktails, wines, and other beverages that you will certainly not be disappointed by. Not to mention, it has a truly unique atmosphere that will make your Christmas party an event to remember.

Location: Shoreditch


This boat cruise will work if you’re looking for something a little different for your London Christmas party in 2022. Organizing a boat cruise for your London Christmas party in 2022 is the perfect way to make it unique and special. You can enjoy the view from the outdoor decks for the duration of the four-hour event, chow down on the festive spread, and dance to the DJs. Guests will be welcomed on board with a sparkling wine reception, and the cruise along the River Thames will start from Westminster Pier. Throughout the night, guests will have the opportunity to take in iconic London landmarks such as Big Ben and the Tower of London lit up in all their festive glory.


Make your Christmas party stand out at the ultra-sleek Percy’s, where you can reserve anything from a booth to the entire space exclusively for your use. Percys is a great place to have a fancy Christmas party because of its modern decor, elegant furniture, and sophisticated atmosphere. Even better, the cocktails at this popular Kensington party venue are quite renowned. Whether you’re looking for a relaxed get-together or an all-out celebration, Percys provides the perfect backdrop for your Christmas party. What makes Percys truly stand out is the attention to detail that comes with every booking. From the lighting to the music, every element of your event will be tailored to suit your needs.

Location: Kensington


The most eccentric Christmas party location in London? ZSL London Zoo is the closest thing to the true wilderness. ZSL London Zoo is home to more than 750 species of animals, and a festive stroll through their enclosures will surely add a unique touch to any Christmas party. Lemurs, lions, and other animals of all kinds can be seen in this famous location, which is a popular tourist destination as well as among locals. Christmas parties at the ZSL London Zoo are a one-of-a-kind experience that will give people memories they will never forget. The ZSL London Zoo has a Christmas package that includes food, drinks, and a lot of fun things to do.

Location: Camden


Cattivo has everything you need for a great Christmas party, including a private-rentable cocktail bar downstairs, gin blending classes, and hearty Italian fare. There’s also plenty of space to dance the night away, with Cattivo’s in-house DJ ready to keep the energy alive throughout the festive season. An evening spent at Cattivo can make anyone feel like they’ve been transported to a magical Christmas wonderland. The bar staff at Cattivo is passionate and experienced, creating beautiful cocktails perfect for the festive season.

Location: Brixton, South London

All these party venues will surely provide a great setting for your celebration, with plenty of amenities to make sure your guests have a wonderful time. From Burlesque shows to game nights, these places have a wide range of things to do that give guests the chance to make new and lasting memories. Not only do these party venues provide the perfect opportunity for guests to let loose and enjoy themselves, but they also offer an alternative means of celebrating the holiday season. From cozy pubs with roaring fireplaces to posh restaurants boasting luxurious amenities, these party venues are sure to take your holiday celebrations up a notch.

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