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Night Life In Prague

Do you want to experience some of the best nightlife in the world in Prague? Make your way around the city with the help of our guide to the top bars, pubs, and clubs.

Every imaginable kind of evening can be spent at one of Prague’s many nightlife venues. To clarify, we do indeed mean each and every type of night. The nightlife options in the Czech capital are among the most amazing of those found in any European city, regardless of whether you are looking for a bar, a pub, or even a club in an extremely old abattoir (yes, really). Even more impressive is the fact that they are not that expensive at all. In Prague, going out for the night can be surprisingly inexpensive—after all, this is a city where pivot can be purchased for a price that is comparable to that of water.

Having said all of that, the scope and magnitude of the nightlife scene in Prague are such that you will almost certainly require some direction in order to find your way around. The greatest places to go clubbing and drinking are nearly always located outside of Prague’s city center, which provides you with a wonderful opportunity to explore the suburbs. However, you shouldn’t neglect the Old Town while you’re there. Even if many establishments in the city center have sacrificed their unique personalities in favor of increased earnings, you can still have a good time at places like Holeovice, Smichov, and Kárlin. Therefore, without further ado, here is our rundown of the most crucial nightlife spots in Prague.

Below are the 15 places in Prague that will make your night memorable:

U Zlateho Tygra

The Golden Tiger is the place to go to have a beer while learning a significant amount of local history. Because of its location in Prague 1, the price of the beer is a little bit higher than in other parts of the city, but where else can you drink in such illustrious surroundings? The fact that Bohumil Hrabal, one of the greatest Czech writers of all time, was a frequent visitor in the past is the kind of seal of approval that most establishments would give their lives for.

Hemingway Bar

It is safe to say that Hemingway Bar is at least among the best cocktail bars in all Prague. The bar is named after Ernest Hemingway himself; after all, he was a man who enjoyed a good drink. These days, the bar honors Hemingway’s penchant for drinking by offering more than 200 different kinds of rum on its extensive list of libations (plus a dangerously wide absinthe selection). Hemingway is a destination that must not be missed by any hedonist worth their salt.


MeetFactory, which was formerly a city slaughterhouse, has been converted into a space that celebrates creativity in all its forms. In addition to its functions as a market, gallery, and theater, it is also known for its popularity as a venue for parties and concerts, hosting an ever-changing lineup of events that cater to a variety of preferences. In addition to that, there is a bike shop, although the reason you would bring your bike to a nightclub is a completely different story.

Klub 007 Strahov

In this day and age, the word “iconic” is used far too frequently, but it is most certainly appropriate to describe this well-known location. One of the clubs in Prague with the longest history, Strahov 007, is gloomy, dirty, and completely delicious all at the same time. It has been a defiant venue in the city since 1969, and there is no sign of it ending anytime soon. Take the tram to Strahov stadium, and once you’re there, just follow the crowd.

Hells Bells Rockin’ Pub

Who doesn’t adore a grungy, industrial-looking bar? Since the beginning of time, ice-cold lager and blazing riffs have been staples at Smichov’s finest, and it’s hard to imagine a more perfect pairing than brew and riffs. No, there isn’t any of that. This basement pub is a popular destination during the week due to its proximity to Andel, which is just 30 seconds away.


Late-night parties, international rock and roll superstars, bizarre themes, and more fun than the majority of people can handle are all things that you can expect to find at Futurum events. In a nutshell, that sums up Futurum, a venue in Prague that features some peculiar architectural peculiarities that serve to highlight the unrelenting intensity that seeps out of every crevice. This magnificent ancient structure is impossible to overlook, but once you’ve moved on, you might find that your feelings toward it have shifted in unexpected ways.


The fact that this club has a motorcycle motif should give you a good idea of the atmosphere to which you can look forward. The dingy and poorly lit basement of Harley’s creates a hazy environment, perfect for a hazy night out, and is perfect for those individuals who are searching for a scene that is unusual. In contrast to the majority of Prague clubs, which put an emphasis on chart pop, trance, and electronic dance music, the wide variety of rock music that is played all night is a welcome addition.

The Jericho Cafe

From the time it opens until it closes, Cafe Jericho in Prague hums with discussion and pivo because it is so popular with the city’s always-hungry swarm of artists. The location, which is on a rather hidden side street, adds another element of romance to the establishment, and on most evenings, the crowd can be seen spilling out onto the pavement outside. The beer is complemented by a wide selection of classic foods, but the establishment also serves wine, so patrons are just as likely to imbibe in that beverage as they are in the amber nectar.

Letna Park

It may appear as though the entirety of Prague transforms into one massive beer garden at various periods throughout the summer, but Letná’s breathtaking views and rich history ensure that it remains at the very top of the rankings. It also happens to be at the very top of the city, where a gigantic statue of Stalin formerly stood but where there are now only carefree people enjoying a view of Prague that is hard to beat.


This place in Ikov advertises “pseudo cocktails,” and once you step through the door into the bar, you will see that this description makes perfect sense. The bar is full of inconsistencies and character. The aesthetic of the living room is prominent here, with a cozy environment that is highlighted by the background hum of conversation and the occasional appearance of a cat. Surely, you will have a good time at Malkovich.


An evening spent at Roxy, a mainstay in the Prague nightlife scene, is certain to be an exhilarating one. The energy at this place is contagious, and the interior of the club, with its one-of-a-kind artwork and bold color palette, only contributes to the electric vibe that permeates the space. It is the mission of Roxy to “revive the space of the music club through visual arts,” and the synergistic interaction that exists between the club’s visual art and its musical performances results in a spectacular assault on the senses.

Lucerna Music Bar

One of the most popular nightclubs in Prague is located in the Palác Lucerna, which is just a short distance from the lively Wenceslas Square. Even though it has one of the city’s dance floors that is quite large, it is also one of the dance floors that fill up the quickest. Don’t miss their 1980s nights when you can dance to songs like “Never Gonna Give You Up” with folks from all around the world. These nights are not to be missed. In addition to its role as a bar, Lucerna Doubles is a perfect venue for live music and has welcomed some fairly well-known acts too.

Pivovarský Klub

The Pivovarsk Klub, which is located in Florenc just a short distance away from the metro station, is often considered to be the best venue in all of Prague for beer enthusiasts. More than 240 distinct brands are displayed on the walls of this inviting bar, which features pivo as far as the eye can see along with an abundance of appetizers to help soak up the alcohol as it is consumed. If you’re into that sort of thing, make your way downstairs to the cellar, where it can get rather rowdy at times.


Although Déjà Vu is neither the largest nor the most opulent club in Prague, it is nonetheless considered to be a favorite among the city’s residents. When it comes to going out on the town in the metropolis, it also offers what is widely considered to be the best value for your drunken dollar. The beverages are shockingly inexpensive, especially during their daily happy hour, when you can buy most cocktails for less than £2. Considering the bar’s burgeoning popularity and its location in the heart of the city, these facts are startling.

Cross-Country Skiing

There is a very good reason why the Cross Club in Holeovice is one of the most well-known places in Prague for drinking and dancing. This club is located in the neighborhood of Holeovice. The interior is reminiscent of a large steampunk creature because of the numerous enormous gears and machines that adorn the room. It is remarkable in every conceivable way. Add to that its musical offerings, which range from electronic dance music to hardcore punk, as well as its theater, cinema, and book readings, and you have no less than one of the city’s premier cultural hubs at your disposal.

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