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Tips to feel Like a Local Everywhere you go.

It is very easy to feel homesick while traveling since you are traveling to a place that is completely unknown to you and it might become difficult to adjust if you are going to stay there for a long time. Or if you are a curious traveler who likes to understand the lifestyle of local people then this article will surely help you to get mixed up with the local crowd to enjoy your trip even more. It is wise to talk to the local people and get to know them, this would make you feel more relatable. Building relationships in a new town is a real task, as they might not get comfortable easily at once. People are often very protective of their place and belongings and they do not let strangers indulge in their daily lives, hence, persuading them to make conversations that seem relevant for you and them is very important. The blog that follows will help you in getting acquainted with some very useful tips that would help you in becoming a part of their daily lifestyle and learn about the local culture and other things about their place. This blog would contain around 7 tips that have been tested and have been successful in making a good repo with people from different places. 


1.  Basic knowledge Of the language

Efforts always have a different and distinguished effect on people. If you are traveling to an entirely new place, it will be helpful for you to at least learn the basic language of the place. If it is difficult to get an idea about their language and learn it, what can be a smarter measure is that you try to grasp the common phrases that you can use while making conversations with the local people. These phrases can be Hello, Good morning, good evening, please, thank you, and many others. 


2. Try to book yourself a place that is owned by a local

Hotels are sophisticated and will have services served to you at your doorstep, whereas if you try to get a place that is owned by a local person, you will be able to experience the lives that the people of their place live. You can have the benefit of visiting local markets, having dishes that are made at home and are the famous local dishes of that place. If you stay at a local place, you will be able to visit some nearby parks and other small spots.


3. Local cuisines 

Every place comes with its unique tastes and aromas, they have some dishes that the place specializes in making. Try to get the flavors of the local cuisines that would help to get a better insight into the ingredients that are used in their dishes and you can cook them yourself whenever you are craving them. Every dish tells a story of how the cuisine originated; this will help you to strengthen your history and learn more about the culture of the place you are visiting. Try to cook with local people and make some fun memories to bring back home with you.


4. Using the local transportation

Local transport will take you to places that you might not even know about, it will help you deeply immerse yourself in the scenery and beautiful locations of the place you are visiting. Local transports take you through slow travel, where you can enjoy all the views and locations at a slower pace as compared to the pace with which you might visit them. Although you might need to get some special cards or allowance to travel in the local buses and other vehicles, that, of course, is a way easier task. 


5. Being a part of the local activities

Every place has its festivals and customs that are celebrated on a huge level. While researching the place that you are visiting, try to plan your travel during the times of those festivals or carnivals. This way you can not only witness their local festivals instead really be a part of them, as a local citizen. This would help you in bonding with the local people better and grind yourself in with their culture and cultural activities and you would feel less like an outsider.


6. Making friends

Almost all places that witness a lot of tourist footfall offer the facilities of homestays, where the local people open their place to a stranger and make them feel welcomed and at home. Try to avail the facilities of these beautiful homestays, this will give you the required time to talk to people and make friends. Be open and forward about your likes and dislikes, and try to find common grounds and things that are relatable to both you and them as well. You will make friends in no time, which will enable you to visit the place with a more homely feel.


7. Shopping from the local markets


Local markets are the life of any place, they offer so much from the place, about the place, and what not. In fact, roaming around the local markets and shopping in them can be the most exciting part of your whole trip. The local markets have artifacts that are made locally by the people, you can talk to the shopkeepers and get to know their story, how they started their store, and know the history of the place. Local markets store some locally marketed things that cannot be found anywhere else.

With these tricks you can easily become one with the local people and not feel like a complete alien to the place and whatever it has to offer. In addition to this, being knowledgeable about the local life will help you enhance the fun of your trip. You will be able to enjoy your travels more thoroughly. This knowledge will stay with you as memories for as far as one remembers. Visiting a completely new place can put you through the pressure of what you will do, especially if you are traveling all alone. These tips are tested and are very easy tricks to adapt while traveling to make yourself feel at home in an unknown place.

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