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20 Amazingly Cheap Places You Should Travel to in 2022

It is always difficult for people to set the travel destinations under the budget, it gets very difficult to manage everything in the budget and rock your trip for some people. People save money for trip planning for the last six to eight months and after that, they can go on a nice and fun trip. The most money is about flight tickets to and fro and the place you are staying at. It would be great if you plan your trip 6 to 8 months before and book your flight tickets at cheaper costs, this will be a great help for budget-friendly trips. Everybody is looking for places that are budget friendly or cheap and are easily accessible into their wallet, so here we have 20 cheap places to travel to. Let’s dive in

1. Thailand:

Thailand is a cheap place where you can find a lot of beaches, clubbing, amazing Street food, Skyline activities, and the true meaning of spas. People there are very friendly and down to earth and you can have a lot of joy in Thailand. We will want you to go on a Thailand trip costing from 15 to 20K per person for a round trip.

2. Nepal:

Nepal seems to be a tiny place but trust me it is full of mountains and amazing scenery that you will love to watch and enjoy the environment there. Nepal is lush with tea fields, amazing lakes, and exotic wildlife. You can enjoy checking in Nepal and doing a safari as well. They have a lot of pagodas and Kathmandu is a wonderful place where you can enjoy your trip with your loved ones.

3. South Africa:

This seems like a lot of money, but when you book everything beforehand you can get great deals. You can keep reminiscing about the idea of being there and fall in love with the place.

4. Vietnam:

it is an ideal location for budget travellers. It has a lot of religious places and islands that you’ll be able to enjoy and have your mind-blowing vacation. They have tonnes of traditional food which one can try and even bargain and do kayaking which is very out of the box.

5. Cuba:

The name makes it special itself. The best to visit is the Caribbean island. The perfect beaches are waiting for you and salsa clubs there are a part of your heart deep down that wants you to go. 

6. Malaysia:

It is such a green and cool place where you want to live and have fun in your life. You will love the coastal areas and the food there is multi-ethnic. Malaysia is a very multicultural, colourful, and joyous place you have been missing out on! Get your tickets booked now.

7. Greece:

it has become better economically over the coming years and Greece will make you fall in love with itself and the people there. You can learn a lot about the history there and see a lot of facts and theatre out there is very astonishing and under the carpets. Once you pick the carpet, you’ll be all covered with the Greece magic.

8. Egypt:

Yes, Egypt. A place where you can find mummies, the red sea, the Nile river, and how to forget pyramids. Once you see them, you will realize it is all real and people still tend to believe in mummies. It is a world wonder that you have been missing for so long. The temperature there is a little issue, so you can plan the trip accordingly.

9. Guatemala:

A place in Central America that is too pretty and a hidden gem for sure. It is all about natural beauty and Mayan culture that will give you amazing facts. It has UNESCO heritage sites that people die to watch for. You should visit this place.

10. India:

your name and you will get the place you require to visit. Be it mountains, desert, plains, beaches, or anything you wish to. It is a very budget-friendly place that you can come and enjoy. The food there is yummiest and the people there are very jovial and down-to-earth. They help everyone around them and would love to show them around too. India is a multi-cultural and fun place to be in.

11. Miami:

A very famous place for beaches, nightlife and surely weather that is completely okay. It is called the Magic City and has one of the prettiest architecture. The cruise ship and party is a great culture to be in. It has ongoing festivals that keep going on. People just come and enjoy themselves there a lot. There is so much fun going there.

12. Bolivia:


It is in South America and looks a little shady. But the places there are scenic and have varieties of traditional dishes that one usually enjoys. You can visit Salar De Uyuni which is the biggest mirror and is a very beautiful place to explore.

13. Maxico:


Your budget might not fit here as you will have so many tacos and tequila there and will go crazy in the most vibrant country you can imagine. It has a rich culture, a few perfect beaches, and a cuisine that you’ll die for. 

14. Laos:


One of the charming towns in southeast Asia. It is the land of millions of elephants and has amazing scenery which you will love to watch around. They have waterfalls and lands which are linked to each other which makes this city more happening. There you can do various adventure activities including trekking, kayaking, walking along the jungle and cycling in the countryside. Laos is waiting for you.

15. Guizhou:


It is in china and a northwest section of hong kong. It is a pretty place where you will find landscapes and customs that are so unsophisticated. The culture there is very unique and the dressing sense is way more different than others and looks lovely. You can pre-plan your trip and make an itinerary to enjoy your trip more.

16. Bali:


Yes, we are talking about paradise. It is the most famous place for a honeymoon and nowadays a lot of families are coming here for vacation. It is a sheer natural beauty and is serene to watch and roam around. 

17. Istanbul:


It is undeniably alluring and the spark of turkey. One of the main reasons people visit Turkey is to visit Istanbul. It has a lot of cultural capital and monoethnic architecture and domes around the city. Istanbul looks very beautiful at night and will make your heart beat more when you see it from the top. The major attractions are Aya Sofya, Blue Mosque, and Topkapi.

18. Maldives:


The Maldives is a place where people usually come for their honeymoon and they tend to enjoy the lavish destination, beautiful beaches that are so huge that my eyes can’t reach the land ahead again. The water is crystal clear and looks emerald and they even have overwater bungalows that make it the most attractive and exclusive. They have some fascinating beaches and colourful culture that one can love and would love to visit again and again.

19. Sri Lanka:

Sri Lanka seems to be a very religious and historically significant place. It has a lot of Buddhist cultures that will help you know more about the culture and ethics present. It plays a significant role in the Hindu mythological book called Ramayan and even has shreds of evidence to prove it. It is a heavenly beauty that attracts all the tourists significantly. They have ram setu that plays a major role in their tourist attraction.

20. Singapore:

Singapore has a lot of places to visit including islands and the Marina bay Skyline. The food in Singapore varies very differently and is more into the k-pop culture which people are crazy about. Their food tastes amazing and you can have a lot of fun and tiring experience in Singapore as it is so huge and vibrant. 

That’s all for the day, these were only a few, but still, there are many other places yet to cover. Meanwhile, before you start packing for yourself keep in mind to book and check the itinerary beforehand. 

Have a great and safe journey!

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