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Amazing Cafe In Bangkok

Bangkok is a city full of cafes and theme restaurants that can be found around every corner, but locating one with some unique features may take some time and effort. However, with the help of an internet search and a few other people’s recommendations, you can easily find the cafe that you are looking for in no time. Furthermore, with the help of online reviews, you can easily check out the menu items as well as the ratings and decide if that is the cafe you have been looking for or not. So, we’ve made a list of themed Bangkok cafes that serve traditional and local Bangkok food. With this, you can experience the flavors of Bangkok and its culture uniquely and excitingly. From traditional Thai classics to modern fusion dishes, these Bangkok cafes offer a variety of flavors and options.

When it comes to delicious food shopping and aesthetic cafes, there are only a limited number of places that can provide you with everything that you need. The Bangkok cafes listed below are perfect for those who want to experience local culture, delicious flavors, and a unique atmosphere. Bangkok is the home of some worth-visiting, aesthetically pleasing cafes that provide great coffee and bites to eat. The Coffee Hive of Bangkok is pretty spectacular; some people just go to check out the cafe scene. You can also go shopping; after all, you’ve got to find something to burn off those extra calories, right? Bangkok has it all, from special coffee to desert cafes to perfect cuisine that includes a variety of choices that will leave you amazed. Not only does every cafe in Bangkok have a unique vibe, but the amount of effort they put into the small details of their interiors and cafes will create the ideal atmosphere for the people and patrons. The drinks and food are also of great quality, with a uniqueness that cannot be found elsewhere. So get ready to have your taste buds tantalized as you explore the wonderful city of Bangkok.



The Pooltime Cafe is a must-visit for any adventurer because it serves mouthwatering dishes and beverages that are even more satisfying to drink. This cafe is considered one of the cutest cafes in Bangkok, and its interior is irresistible. With its homey atmosphere, a wide range of delicacies, and a pleasant ambiance, the Pooltime Cafe is the perfect spot to relax after a long day of exploring. The beauty of this cafe consists of splashes of pink, blue, and white, complemented by especially cute chairs. Pooltime Cafe is a place that everyone must visit at least once, as it is only 25 minutes away from the Platinum Fashion Mall.

Location: 582 Soi Sukhumvit 63 Road, between Soi Ekamai 26, 28 (Taiping Tower), and Wattana, Bangkok.
The highlights: include cute raccoons, milkshakes, neon lights, food items that are photo-worthy, and Thai cuisine. As such, Pooltime Cafe is the perfect spot for a fun day out with friends or family.
The price range for two people: INR1.80 – 9.50 USD
Open: from Tuesday to Sunday, from 12 p.m. to 12 a.m.
Google Rating: 4.0


This opulent coffee shop is like something out of a dream, with flower-covered wallpaper, a ceiling that looks like the sky, and floors covered in daisies as decoration. The high ceilings, mirrored walls, and intricate woodwork add to the shop’s air of class and sophistication. Every piece of furniture is chosen to make a statement, from the beautiful marble tables to the velvety armchairs. This is one of the one-of-a-kind cafes in Bangkok that is worth a visit because it is quiet and elegant, with illustrations on the walls, teacups, cakes, and whatever else you can think of! But what sets this cafe apart from the rest is the friendly staff and great service. As soon as you walk into this cafe, you can tell that a lot of thought went into making it a dreamy and luxurious place to be.

Location: Thailand, Krung Thep Maha Nakhon 10330, Central Embassy, Level 2, Khwaeng Lumphini, Khet Pathum Wan.
Highlights: Include illustrations on the walls, food, and sofas, as well as a dreamlike interior and coffee that feature an illustrated unicorn.
The price range: for two people is 14.50 –18.10 USD (approx).
Open: The shop is open from Monday to Sunday, from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m.
Google Rating: 3.9


The Big Dog Cafe is a must-see attraction in Bangkok; if you haven’t been there, you can’t say you’ve been to Bangkok. The cafe has become a landmark and hotspot for locals and tourists alike; here you can find some of the best Thai food in the city, along with an array of international cuisines. The cafe has incorporated a pool for the dogs, and the pool area itself is lavishly decorated with wooden accents and floral focal points, as well as rocking chairs of the highest quality. All these features combine to make Big Dog Cafe one of the most iconic landmarks in Bangkok, where visitors can enjoy a great atmosphere and amazing food. When you first step out onto the terrace, you’ll see a seating area outside that has pixie lights strung above it, and in the evening, those lights sparkle. The menu has a lot of choices, from traditional Thai dishes to dishes that you won’t find anywhere else. All of these things, along with the great customer service from the staff, make sure that everyone who visits Big Dog Cafe has a great time.

Location: 1111/11, Lat Phrao Road, Baan Klang Muang, Bangkok, Thailand, 10900.
Highlights: A variety of dog breeds, including Solo the Alaskan Malamute, Thai cuisine, and a customized vegan diet are prominently featured.
The price: for two people is 4.25 USD (approx).
Open: The store is open from 9 AM to 10 PM Daily.
Google Rating: 4.2


A charming mystery cafe that bestows upon you a botanical plenitude can be found hidden away in the heart of Bangkok’s Old Town, which is covered in its blossom showcase. The cafe is the perfect spot to enjoy some delicious food and drinks while being surrounded by beauty. This cafe is a great place to get away from the busy city. It has a calm atmosphere where people can enjoy the city’s beauty while they relax. In addition to being encased in a blooming flower, the cafe also expects you to walk through a flower shop before going gaga over its beauty. As soon as you enter the cafe, you are taken away to an enchanted garden, complete with lush greenery and a breathtaking array of colorful flowers. The cafe is decked out from floor to ceiling with vibrant flowers, precious stones, branches, and everything enchanted.

Location: Thailand, Chakkraphet Road 67, Wang Burapha Phirom, Phra Nakhon, Krung Thep Maha Nakhon Province 10200.

Highlights: floral ambiance within, mysteriously colorful, and exquisitely adorned with
The price: for a pair varies.
Open: The store is open from 10 AM to 10 PM, Monday through Saturday.
Google Rating: 4.6


This is yet another coffee shop that can be found in the Banglamphu area of Bangkok, which is the city’s historic core. With a wide variety of aromatic blends and unique flavor combinations, this coffee shop is the perfect spot to take a break from sightseeing and appreciate some of the city’s rich history. In addition, there isn’t likely anything that can beat the location of Vivi, which is situated close to the Chao Phraya waterway. With a beautiful view of the water and easy access to nearby attractions, Vivi is the perfect place to take a few moments and appreciate the beauty of Bangkok. Even though this is one of the most distinctive cafes in Bangkok, the beverage that you have to get is one that is well-known to everyone: espresso! Take your coffee and relax in one of the wonderful bistro’s comfortable seats while you enjoy your beverage in either the indoor or outdoor seating areas. You’ll not only be able to enjoy the unique taste of espresso, but you’ll also like the modern decor and cozy atmosphere.

Location: 394/27–29 Thailand’s Bangkok, in front of the Aurum River Place Hotel on Maharat Road.
Highlights: include both indoor and outdoor seating, a lovely river view, and a wide selection of beverages.
Price per person: 1.80 – 6.00 USD (approx)
Open: Monday through Sunday, 10 AM to 8 PM
Google Rating: 4.2


This exquisite cafe in Bangkok’s city center, Gallery Drip Coffee, attracts a lot of customers, especially professionals and artists. From its bright, vibrant decor to its delicious coffee, Gallery Drip Coffee stands out from the other cafes in the area. The friendly and accommodating staff, as well as the fact that you can watch the baristas prepare your espresso for you, strongly emphasize the family atmosphere at this establishment. The restaurant’s decor and design, which are based on widely recognized espresso colors, demonstrate the aesthetic style of one of Bangkok’s most beautiful cafes.

Location: Rama 1 Road, Bangkok, Thailand, 1st Floor, Bangkok Art & Culture Center.
Highlights: include notebooks, t-shirts, and other tiny, adorable items strewn about the cafe.
Price per person: 1.80 – 6.00 USD (approx).
Open 11 a.m. to 9 p.m., Monday through Sunday.
Google Rating: 4.6/ 4.4

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