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What Challenges a Traveller May Encounter in China

Everybody wants to travel all over the world because we don’t know when everything will get shut down and you will not be able to come out of your home. So these days traveling plays an important and essential role in people’s lives be it for their children or their spouses or might be for their free time from their jobs or hectic schedules. China is one such country where people are going and they are loving it because it is so beautiful and cost-friendly. China has the most ancient things and places available and it is a wonderful place to explore. China Has the great wall of China which is the main reason why most people go there also it is full of temples, pagodas, and Buddha statues. China’s history and culture need to be explored and known to the world as it is so unique and their religion and music are so exclusive that people get crazy when they hear or see them. But there are times when you feel that you are not able to like the city because there are few barriers that come across when you travel. It usually happens in most countries but China and Japan usually face this a lot.

Communication and language:

English is the most common language that people use while travelling but in China, there is a very less possibility that people know English. Communication is a major problem that usually people face in China. The problem is that people there only speak Chinese and that is the worst part when you go and you cannot understand what the other person is speaking. But luckily now there is internet and technology that helps you to understand what the other person is trying to say and you can communicate with the help of it. We would like you to be prepared for it and suggest you either learn a few simple phrases or travel with a person who can translate them for you.

Different kinds of food:

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  • Food
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food plays a very important role when you are travelling because half of the reason is actually to enjoy the food of the other country or city you are visiting. And once you get to know that the food is not good or you can’t have that food may be because you are vegetarian or non-vegetarian your mood sucks. You actually can’t roam here and there without food and you will h

ave to be prepared to travel with less energy. China has a lot of different spices that usually people don’t really like don’t get us wrong but they have a unique flavour in their very different food. We recommend you do the research before going to the place and know little about the local shops there that can provide you with the food you like. The last thing when you travel is you want to just be able to eat fruits and vegetables.

Running out of money:

This is a very common and major problem that people usually face while travelling. China has a different kind of currency and it gets very difficult to find people there who can change your currency into their currency. usually, people don’t take as much money as you You require and more than it because you might shop or you might do some activity which you have not planned and you require money for that and you will not be able to pay for it so running out of money is a very stupid and sad thing that happens in another city.

Internet issues:

very major thing in these days and people usually try to post pictures on their Instagram or Google something about this city or even Google a little local shop just beside their hotel but in China, this is a major issue that the internet can be shut down any minute and you will not be able to put anything on your Facebook or Instagram or even you can’t Google anything. We would recommend you actually make an itinerary and not depend totally on Google. There will be times when you will not be able to Google or open your Facebook but you can still receive WhatsApp messages and you will still think that nothing is wrong with your internet China has banned a few websites and You might be trying to access them but you cannot. You cannot access your social media and when you get to know about it it is a very disappointing thing for you. We would like you to read all the dunes in the regulations of the country when you’re going on the trip and know about all the services that are available on the internet in China and what is banned and what is not.

Rules are very different:

every city has its rules and regulations and they try their best that people follow them and the travellers must follow them. If the people don’t follow them they might get arrested or they might get a high fine that you are not ready to pay in an unknown city. China has a variety of different rules and you just don’t feel like accepting them because they are unexpected and unfamiliar to you and your country. one rule is that You should not hug or make anybody contact you. Clicking fingers and whistling is considered very bad and rude and you should not do it otherwise Chinese people think that you are vulgar and a bad person. So we recommend that you know the rules and not leave yourself embarrassed in front of people. And it is completely okay if the rules of one country are very different from what you expect and it may be eye-opening to you as well.

These are a few barriers that you can feel when you’re travelling to China or have reached there but China is the only beautiful place and we hope that you do not face any unfavourable conditions. Please make sure to plan your trip before and do what you plan to do and expect the unexpected.


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