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Things You Can’t Resist In Thailand

Thailand has always been one of the most popular tourist destinations in Asia, with plenty of unique experiences to offer and countless places to explore, both natural and man-made, that you won’t find anywhere else. In fact, many people consider Thailand to be their favorite place on earth! Are you curious about what makes Thailand so irresistible? Keep reading to find out more!

Bangkok Insiders’ Guide

One of the most iconic landmarks in Bangkok is the historic Wat Arun (Temple of Dawn). Standing on Chao Phraya River, this temple is named after Phra Phrom Arotae Waresonphimitra, who was the Chief Minister of Siam from 1778 to 1809. The word Arun means dawn and interestingly enough, in Thai, it translates to Morning Star. On its front are statues of the Four Durgas (Guardian Guardians) with Garuda figures that represent Vishnu and his powers. The intricate carvings along the walls can be traced back to Cambodia’s Angkor Wat temple.

Don’t miss the street food

Street food is an incredible culinary experience and not to be missed. While it might sound like food poisoning waiting to happen, rest assured that the street foods in Thailand are clean and prepared with impeccable hygiene. One of the most popular dishes is Pad Thai, a stir-fried rice noodle dish flavored with tamarind sauce, garlic, and chili peppers. If you’re looking for something a little more greasy check out Khao Jee Moo Daeng which consists of deep-fried pork leg served on a bed of sticky rice.

Don’t eat at tourist restaurants

If you are tired of your favorite Thai dish, there is a great chance that tourist restaurants have it on their menu. Avoid them at all costs. Restaurants in local neighborhoods are often much better, as they use fresh ingredients and rely on word-of-mouth advertising instead of slick marketing campaigns.

Eating at tourist restaurants is a serious mistake because they tend to have terrible food, exorbitant prices, and low-quality service. Most of them are just a little bit more expensive than what you’d pay in your neighborhood. However, if you take into account everything that you don’t get, that bit more quickly becomes too much. Not only are tourist restaurants not using fresh ingredients, but their kitchen staff might also be underpaid and overworked — so treat your stomach with care!

Stay away from these foods

Start your day off right with a cup of white Thai iced tea. Thailand is famous for this drink and it’s served everywhere – so you’ll never be too far from it! For lunch, try one of their curries which are different from Indian curries in that they use coconut milk as a major ingredient. It may sound strange but if you find yourself at a restaurant and you’re hungry, just point to what the locals are eating.

While you’re traveling in Thailand, do your best to stay away from these foods. One reason is that they don’t taste good and even though you’ll be tempted to try them, some of them can actually make you very sick – if not kill you. Stay away from street vendors and eat at only reputable restaurants while in Thailand. Finally, use common sense when choosing a place to eat, like checking out online reviews or asking someone with local knowledge for advice on where to eat at night.

Go off-the-beaten-path

You can never get bored in Thailand because of the variety of things you can do. Whether you’re looking for a party on Koh Phangan, a spiritual experience on Khao Yai, or just want to sit by the beach and relax, Thailand has everything!

There are so many things to do in Thailand, and you’ll be amazed at how much diversity you can find. Everything from nature trails to entertainment centers, beaches to Buddhist temples – there’s no shortage of experiences! It’s one of our favorite countries because we love how easy it is to get off the beaten path. And if you want a break from culture and nature, Bangkok is a fun city with lots of things to do for all ages.

Get out There and Explore

When you think of Thailand, do you imagine Bangkok or the ancient temples in the north? There’s so much more to see! Whether it’s trekking through rice fields or getting off your feet for a day at a local market, Thailand has something for everyone. For those interested in saving their pennies, we’ve compiled a list of attractions that are free to visit. We’re looking forward to hearing about your adventures on Instagram!


And just because we couldn’t fit everything on this list, there are always other popular activities to partake in like taking a day trip to the Similan Islands to see the highly prized white tip reef sharks, learning about Thai history at Ayutthaya, or studying Buddhism at Wat Chanasongkhram. Regardless of where you go or what you do while on your holiday, don’t forget that Thailand is one of the most authentic destinations in the world.
Thailand is a country that doesn’t need any enhancement or embellishment because it just naturally delivers one-of-a-kind experiences. The sun and sand, magnificent temples, friendly people, and delicious food are enough to keep you coming back for more.

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