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Essential Things to Know Before Checking in a Hotel

When you’re traveling, you have lots of things to think about and do before you check in to your hotel room. Here are the most essential things you need to know before checking in at your hotel.


Consider cheaper options

When you’re staying at a hotel, there are some important things you should know before checking in. The most essential thing is that hotels often have more than one rate. For example, if you book an expensive suite on the website, it might not be the same price when you call and ask for the same room over the phone. Always check with the hotel operator before booking any kind of room to make sure they match up.
Another consideration is where your parking will be located: There are times when parking near a hotel can cost as much as $40 per night, which can really add up fast!
Lastly, there are early check-in fees: Often hotels charge extra for guests who want to get into their rooms earlier than 4 pm or later than 10 am.


Look at Online Reviews

Take a look at online reviews and make sure you’re satisfied with what others are saying. A five-star hotel might not be the best choice if you only see one or two reviews mentioning cleanliness, while a three-star hotel might be worth it because there are more comments about how it was clean. Check out other resources like travel sites for more information on the location and amenities of the place you’re considering. Make sure that your preference isn’t too specific (e.g., close to public transportation) as many hotels offer that.


Check out the location on Google Maps

If you’re new to the area or not aware of the geography, there are many areas with multiple hotels. Taking a peek at the location on Google Maps before arriving can help you find one that will offer more convenience than the other. There’s nothing worse than arriving in town only to find that all of the hotels are on opposite sides of town! Additionally, look up what type of hotel it is: Is it family-friendly? What about food options? It would be unfortunate if your accommodations don’t allow for an evening out and having to wait until morning for coffee just isn’t ideal. Find out as much as possible before you book anything, like What if I need breakfast included? Or Are you eligible for any discount?
The one thing you’ll want to know for sure before checking into any hotel is whether or not you’re eligible for any discounts. To find out, call the hotel’s 800 number and ask what their current promotion might be. If you qualify, your room rate will be reduced, which can really make all the difference if you are on a budget.


Get your rewards card ahead of time

Check out the perks that are offered by your credit card and sign up for one before you book your stay. Knowing about things like rewards points and automatic discounts can help save you money and keep your vacation going smoothly. If you aren’t sure which card is best for you, speak with an employee at the hotel’s front desk who might be able to recommend one. They will also have information on any specials they’re running. The most important thing when checking into a hotel is keeping track of what items are coming with you. Pack any belongings that you want to bring inside in your carry-on bag so you don’t forget anything and risk losing it if it falls out of your pocket or purse during check-in or transit. Keep small personal items in pockets, purses, backpacks, or fanny packs for convenience.


Keep an eye on the weather forecast

Look up the weather forecast before you go, just in case you need to pack accordingly. If there’s rain on the way, bring clothes that can keep you dry and warm. These might include rubber boots, sweaters, jackets, or ponchos. You don’t want to get soaked from head to toe if it starts raining.
Look for any accommodations for your allergies: For those with allergies, look for an accommodation page on the hotel website before booking. It should have information about what they do to maintain their facilities and how they try to be allergen-free.


Do you have enough toiletries?

It may seem silly, but bringing your own toiletries for hotel stays is important. The basics that you need include toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner, lotion, and moisturizer. When it comes to toiletries some items are provided by the hotel such as soap and body wash while others will be charged to your room. There’s no need to risk getting locked out of your room because you don’t have any cash on hand. Bring a few bucks with you and then use an ATM if necessary. Are there outlets?: If there are outlets near the bed, make sure they work before plugging in all of your electronics. Are there blackout curtains?: If so, this can make it easier to sleep during daylight hours without being woken up by light coming through the window or light from outside shining into the room.


Can you change your room after arrival?

Most hotels allow you to change your room before arriving, so don’t worry too much about choosing the perfect room! If there are no open rooms at your desired location, they might be able to accommodate you by moving you somewhere else. As with any other customer service-based business, please be polite and express your needs clearly. Ask for their best available option.
Saying I have always dreamed of staying here is not going to get you far; this is their job, after all. But saying I love this hotel but I am allergic to mold and can’t stay on the third floor will get them looking for an alternative solution fast.



So now you know everything there is to know about making sure your hotel stay is as luxurious and stress-free as possible. You’re all set! Unless, of course, you find something while on your trip that we missed. But I highly doubt that’ll happen because the absolute last thing I want is for my posts to be outdated! If you have any questions or if anything comes up, don’t hesitate to ask. Remember, this blog post isn’t going anywhere anytime soon!

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