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The Most Romantic Things to Do in Madrid

Spain’s capital city, Madrid, is the third-biggest city in Europe. It is known for its lush parks, botanical gardens, romantic bike rides, rich history, and scrumptious cuisine. If you are planning a trip to Madrid with your partner, be sure to check out the list below to have the best experience. Here are some of the most romantic things you can do in Madrid:


1. Visit Royal Palace

If you are looking for some splendid European architecture, you must visit Royal Palace. It is also home to the royal family. The palace is a combination of Neoclassical and Baroque architecture, which have 3418 rooms, a throne hall, a royal kitchen, an armory, and much more. If you have a zeal for exquisite paintings and art then this palace has a lot to offer. It beautifully sits on Madrid sits on Calle de Bailén, east of the Manzanares River, which adds more to its beauty.


2. Sightseeing at Segway

If you wish to have a breathtaking tour across the city, then riding around the Segway is the best way to get the best view of its splendid buildings and sights. Here you can easily rent a bike and have an amazing ride around the city. The best attractions include Royal Palace, the Almudena Cathedral, Templo de Debod, and the Mayor and de Espana Plaza.


3. Climbing Madrid Hidden Mountains

If you are more inclined towards Mountain Hiking, this will make your trip memorable. Walking up to the Madrid Mountains is one of the most beautiful experiences. The 1-hour trek through old oak trees will give you the best view of the city from the top. To make it more fun, you can hire a guide who will recite you amazing stories and the history of the city, which is very interesting and fun.


3. Prado Museum

Madrid is no doubt known for its beautiful architecture, culture, history, and cuisine. To know the city’s rich history you must go to Prado Museum. Its dazzling structure, tall windows, and beautiful columns will take your breath away. It holds great art and world-known art pieces like The Garden of Earthly Delights by Hieronymus Bosch and The Annunciation by El Greco.


4. Arab Baths

If you are in the city, you must check out and book Arab Baths with your partner. This romantic and relaxing experience will surely make your trip more beautiful. Hammams are situated in the heart of the city, Madrid where you can relax in silence. The aromatic therapies will calm your mind and light up your mood. To add extra to your evening, you can have massages with essential oils which will give you the best experience.


5. Party In Madrid

Madrid is one of the most amazing places to have the best party experiences. If you are a party freak this city has a lot to offer. From expensive cocktails to inexpensive pubs, Madrid has a bit of everything for everyone. Check out the best Clubs and party places in Madrid to make your night wild.


6. Warner Bros Park

If you enjoy theme parks, head to Warner Bros. This will surely bring out the kid in you. Rush to various rides like Tom and Jerry Roller Coaster and see life-size cartoon characters. Here you will spend a fun time with Warner Bro movie characters and cool off in the water parks. If visiting Madrid, this theme park is a must-visit place.


7. Visit Pedraza and Segovia

Pedraza and Segovia are the most historic towns in Madrid. Walking through cobblestone roads will help you understand Spanish history. These streets will also offer you incredible photogenic spaces to have the best pictures. Walk through the history in Pedraza’s maze, and enjoy their traditional wine in this walled town.


8. Visit Reina Sofia

Another famous attraction of Madrid is Reina Sofia Museum. This contemporary museum holds Picasso’s masterpieces. Among many other famous masterpieces there you will also find Pablo Picasso’s ‘Guernica’, one of his well-known best works.


9. Dine Out in Madrid’s Italian Restaurants

There’s no trip is completed without finger-licking food. So if you are in Madrid you must check out world-class Italian gastronomy. Visit their local markets or high-class restaurants and find scrumptious food everywhere. To decide the best place to dine out check out the best restaurants in Madrid. There is a never-ending list to choose from.


10. Aranjuez Royal Palace

Since the 1800s Spanish Royalty has involved the Aranjuez Palacio Real as their late spring residence. The majestic magnificence is a setting to rouse sentiment, as you retain the rich atmosphere. Highlights incorporate the royal chamber of Elizabeth II, exquisite Prince’s nurseries, Parterre, and the Island. The Royal Palace is a World Heritage social scene.


11. Wine sampling in Vinos de Madrid

Get away from the clamor of Madrid on a little gathering (8 individuals max.) cozy wine tour. The wonderful open country, grape plantations, and Spanish daylight will loosen up you and your affection as you partake in a heartfelt trip. Madrid’s wine-creating locale should comply with severe guidelines to get Denominacion de Origen (DO) status. This is proof of their excellent wines. You and your accomplice will taste more than 10 of these fine wines from 3 grape plantations.

Though Madrid does not come to mind when choosing a romantic getaway, it is definitely worth trying the place when you go on a trip with your partner. Get indulged in Spanish beauty and culture, get groovy at night, taste amazing meals, and relax in Hammam. This city gives you beautiful memories and never-ending fun which you and your partner will never forget. What could be more wonderful and romantic than walking down the cobbled streets, enjoying the Gothic-European architecture, night walks, hot air balloon rides, and dancing? Madrid gives you a complete package of fun, romance, history, and relaxing trip. So get going and plan the best vacation for yourself and your partner.

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