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Best Places to Travel with Toddlers in the USA


If you are planning on traveling with your toddler in the USA, you may be wondering where to go, where to stay, and what to do with them during your vacation. These are all great questions! Here are five of our favorite places to travel with toddlers in the United States. They were chosen because they were free (or at least inexpensive), family-friendly, close to other tourist attractions (if you want multiple things to do while you’re there), and have easy-to-navigate sites or attractions that are perfect for toddlers and their busy attention spans.


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San Diego, California

San Diego is a great place to travel with toddlers because there are so many things for them to do. Here are some of the best places in San Diego where you can take your toddler:

1. The Birch Aquarium is an aquarium that has different exhibits from jellyfish and sharks.

2. The Maritime Museum has a touch tank and museum exhibits about the history of sailors.

3. Old Town San Diego State Historic Park, is a historic park that has many shops and restaurants for adults as well as children’s activities like pony rides and train rides.

4. Seaport Village, where there are shops, restaurants, and more tourist attractions for adults as well as children’s activities like carousel rides.


Indianapolis, Indiana

If you’re looking for a great place to travel with toddlers, Indianapolis is a good place to start. Here are some of the best attractions that Indianapolis has to offer:

1. The Indiana State Museum (a favorite among kids)

2. The Indianapolis Zoo (located on 30 acres of land)

3. The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis (has over 400 interactive exhibits).

4. The World Sports Park (includes six different sports parks that include soccer fields, hockey rinks, batting cages, and even a skateboard park). There is also an outdoor amphitheater that hosts free concerts all summer long!

5. The White River State Park Complex includes everything from hiking trails to fishing spots–perfect for your next family adventure!

With these places to explore and learn, it’s no wonder why so many people recommend Indy as the best place to visit with your little one.


Washington, D.C.

Another name that comes at the top when looking for places to go with toddlers is Washington, D.C. A family-friendly vacation is one that everyone can enjoy, and when you’re traveling with children it’s especially important to have plenty of activities planned ahead of time. There are many things for kids to do in Washington, D.C., so getting started is easy! For toddlers, the best place to start is exploring the National Mall and memorials. From famous statues like Abraham Lincoln at the Lincoln Memorial to outdoor fountains perfect for cooling off on a hot day, there are fun sights everywhere. At Arlington National Cemetery, kids will be fascinated by walking among headstones remembering Americans who served their country. And every Friday at 2:30 pm they’ll see an amazing changing of the guard ceremony where members of all branches serve honorably together on active duty!


Atlanta, Georgia

Atlanta, Georgia is an excellent choice for a family vacation. With many museums, parks, and art galleries, children of all ages will be entertained for hours. The Atlanta Aquarium is one of the most popular attractions in Atlanta with over 8 million gallons of water as well as many interactive exhibits. Other children’s favorites include Zoo Atlanta and Fernbank Museum of Natural History. For those interested in natural wonders there are plenty of options including Stone Mountain Park, and Kennesaw Mountain National Battlefield Park, or take a trip to Sweetwater Creek State Park which has been named one of America’s best waterfalls by Reader’s Digest.


Los Angeles, California


Los Angeles is a great place to visit when you are traveling with children. It’s a vibrant city that offers plenty of things for kids and adults alike, as well as a variety of places where you can go on a day trip. No matter what your budget is or what kind of food you like, Los Angeles has something for everyone. To get started, check out some must-see destinations:

1. Camelot Theme Park – The Camelot Theme Park offers a fun experience for kids aged 2-11 years old. There are rides and attractions designed just for younger children and there’s even an area designated just for babies! (Los Angeles, California)

2. Sesame Place – Sesame Place is one of the best theme parks around when it comes to entertaining toddlers. The rides and attractions are carefully designed so that they’re safe but still exciting enough to keep little ones engaged throughout their time at the park!

3. Museum of Science & Industry – Kids love exploring all of the interactive exhibits at this museum because they never know what will be waiting behind every corner!


Wailuku, Maui, Hawaii

The best place to travel with toddlers is Wailuku, Maui, Hawaii. Wailuku offers a variety of activities for families. There are museums, parks, and beaches for children of all ages. For example, the Coconut Grove Playground is just right for toddlers who love slides and swings. The Maui Arts & Cultural Center has exhibits that will keep children’s attention while they explore their creativity. Families can also enjoy family-friendly hikes along trails that offer stunning views of lush green valleys and waterfalls cascading down mountainsides. The beaches are a perfect place to spend time as a family whether it be boogie boarding or swimming in warm blue waters while watching whales swim offshore.


Branson, Missouri

Branson is a quintessential family vacation spot. With world-class entertainment and attractions, Branson has something for everyone in the family. Young kids, can see their favorite TV stars at Silver Dollar City or watch a performance of Dolly Parton’s Stampede. Kids can also enjoy rides on one of two children’s railways, enjoy dinner at one of many restaurants that offer kid-friendly menus, or take a cable car ride up Table Rock Mountain for breathtaking views. For tweens and teens, there are more than 20 performing arts theaters that feature Broadway productions and live concerts from well-known artists; plus plenty of shopping opportunities along Branson’s Main Street.


Virginia Beach, Virginia

If you want a beach vacation but don’t want your toddler getting too much sun or into trouble, head on over to Virginia Beach. There’s plenty of sand for them to play in and water for them to explore without being too deep. Plus, there are things like local aquariums and water parks that they will love while you have some time off.

The best thing about going to Disney World with kids is that it’s all tailored just for them. The rides, food, and entertainment are all perfect! The best thing about going on vacation as a family is seeing how excited your kids get at each new place! Your kid might not be so thrilled when it comes to packing up and going home after though. I mean who wants to go back home after such an amazing trip? That’s why Disney does such a good job of making sure everyone has an incredible time.


Empire, Michigan

If you want a place that is both beautiful and will keep your toddler occupied, then Empire, Michigan is perfect for you. The town is located on Lake Michigan and has a number of places for your family to explore. The beach offers miles of sand dunes that are perfect for kids to run around while they build sand castles. There’s also plenty of wildlife here so your little ones can get up close and personal with some animals in their natural habitat.
The town has a number of historic buildings that will provide your kids with lots of interesting things like window shopping or exploring old architecture.

There are a number of fun things you and your little ones can do here. The town is host to Empire Balloon Fest, which usually happens over Labor Day weekend. If you’re looking for something more interactive, then try attending The Empire Makers Fest, a festival that celebrates local artists while teaching your kids about art-making through hands-on activities. If it’s Halloween you’re after, then check out Ann Arbor Halloween Happening on October 31. It’s not only an event for adults but for kids too! There’s also plenty of delicious food here such as at Steve Cady’s Seafood Restaurant or O’Malley’s Irish Pub & Grille. Kids will love digging into yummy dishes like chicken fried steak and french fries or chicken fingers and french fries.


Huntsville, Alabama

1. US Space & Rocket Center: This is one of Huntsville’s most popular attractions. The US Space & Rocket Center has more than 250 hands-on displays and over 500 science exhibits, as well as an IMAX theater and planetarium.

2. Huntsville Botanical Garden: Located in Huntsville’s largest public park, this garden offers something for everyone, including a historic house, greenhouses, formal gardens, koi ponds, and woodland trails.

The US Space & Rocket Center and Huntsville Botanical Garden are two of my favorite places to take a toddler on vacation. I love them because they offer something fun and educational for both children and parents, which is something I like whenever I travel with my daughter. The last thing anyone wants when traveling is for their children to be bored. Finding fun things for toddlers can be difficult, but these spots offer plenty of entertainment that also teaches kids about science and nature.


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