7 Most Beautiful Places in Portugal You Must See

There are so many beautiful places in Portugal that it may be hard to choose which ones to visit. If you’re planning your trip to this culturally rich country, make sure you take some time to see these 7 most beautiful places in Portugal that you won’t want to miss during your travels!


The Douro Valley

For centuries, the Douro Valley has been an oasis of wines and vineyards on the border between Portugal and Spain. The valley’s fertile soil and sunny climate produce highly regarded port wine, including Vintage Port, among other Portuguese wines. With panoramic views and intriguing history to explore at every turn, Douro Valley is a UNESCO World Heritage Site as well as one of the 7 most beautiful places in Portugal you won’t want to miss.

This stunning river valley is one of Europe’s largest and most picturesque wine-producing regions. The Douro River, which runs along its length, provides irrigation for more than 5,000 square miles of vineyards, producing port wine from grapes that have been grown here since Roman times. It’s a UNESCO World Heritage Site as well as one of the 7 most beautiful places in Portugal you won’t want to miss.



With castles, forts, palaces, and other beautifully ornate buildings scattered all over the city, Sintra is arguably one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. More than that, it’s a UNESCO World Heritage Site that should not be missed by anyone interested in experiencing medieval history and culture firsthand. Indeed, this idyllic hamlet is a true work of art – and its glorious pastel-colored houses and arched bridges are framed by stunning mountains on one side and endless green fields on the other.

The reason for the nickname is that Sintra has more hills per square mile than any other town in the world! Some of these hills have been cut into terraces and turned into vineyards. There are also many lovely parks with waterfalls or forests within them, providing opportunities for hiking or picnicking under shady trees.



Located in the municipality of Ourem, Fátima is a hilltop village that was named after Our Lady of Fátima. Fátima is known as one of the most popular religious centers and tourist sites not only for Portuguese people but for people from all over the world. The small village offers an opportunity to visit three impressive churches, including The Basilica, Sanctuary of Our Lady of the Rosary, and Chapel for Peaceful Death.

These churches are complemented by numerous memorials that honor important figures from both inside and outside the Church. One such memorial honors Luís Buñuel who directed Viridiana, a Catholic film that won him many awards around the world.


The island of Madeira

The largest island of the Portuguese archipelago, Madeira is one of the most diverse destinations that can be found on Earth. With numerous natural landscapes as well as a rich cultural heritage, this gem of the Atlantic has something for everyone.
Stunning coastlines – The mountains hug the coastline tightly and offer an unparalleled view of sunsets over the water, while stunning white-sand beaches await along almost every curve on the land’s edge.
Long stretches of uninterrupted sand with just enough volcanic rock mixed into the soils to afford some spectacular cliffs and rugged hiking paths that lead up high into the interior. Wonderful walking – In addition to being blessed with some fantastic sunsets, Madeira also offers lovely long walks along not just sandy beaches but deep coastal ravines too.


The Algarve

It is not a surprise that the Algarve, with its more than 320 days of sunshine, should be home to some of the most beautiful places you will find. At the top of any list must be Albufeira, which thanks to its close proximity to superb beaches and beautiful parks, is one of the most visited cities in Europe. Of course, many people head there just for their time at the beach but we would recommend exploring this little town and its lively nightlife scene as well.

As you make your way through Albufeira, you will come across small squares such as Praça de São Rafael, which are lined with shops and cafes. Those looking for culture can check out Casas da Memoria – a center dedicated to promoting art and photography.



Most Beautiful Places in Portugal don’t have much going for them. They may have amazing food, historical landmarks, and sunshine all day long, but the architecture leaves something to be desired. Lisbon is one of the most beautiful cities on the list with dramatic waterfront views at sunset and a huge variety of museums that showcase this country’s rich culture. A great thing about Lisbon is that you can get immersed in the culture for a whole day and not even know it!



If you love looking at European architecture, then it’s worth making a trip to Porto. It’s considered one of the most beautiful places in Portugal and is well-known for being a spot with iconic gothic and baroque architectural styles. There are also several museums and galleries such as the Gulbenkian Museum that showcase contemporary art.


Portugal is a country blessed by nature. Some of the most beautiful places you’ll find will be along the coast, where the mountains meet the sea. There are plenty of picturesque small towns, historic buildings and monuments, and museums to visit too. To explore all these wonders, use this handy guide to make sure you don’t miss anything.

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